Webster's New World Writer 1.08

Category: Office
Year: 1986
Description:Word processor software that has built-in spell checking, thesaurus, formatting such as bold and underline (even on screen), margins, forms, and many other features. Originally sold for $150 new, so enjoy this copy straight from my original floppies. See a original ad for this software in PC Mag Sep 30, 1986 on page 36 (Google Books free online).
Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster, Inc. (Software)
Localization: EN

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On Saturday June 16, 2018 Doc Chocobo said:

Oh My GOD! you have no idea how happy this makes me. I lost my copy of this years ago and I loved writing on this. Out of all the word processors I've used, this one was the easiest on my vision. Windows fonts in that nasty black on white burned my eyes so bad after hours. The light on dark colors on a DOS screen were wonderful. My eyes never got tired. Thank you so much for finding this wonderful basic no-frills software.