Watcom C/C++ 10.6

Category: System
Year: 1994
Description:Watcom C/C++ 10.6 for DOS, OS/2 Windows 16bit and 32bit! Also has NetWare, and AutoCad capabilities.
Manufacturer: Watcom
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15633watcom10.6.001.7z40 MB0x741AD037
#15634watcom10.6.002.7z40 MB0xD4238BB2
#15635watcom10.6.003.7z40 MB0x671AD92D
#15636watcom10.6.004.7z40 MB0xA9E1BE08
#15637watcom10.6.005.7z40 MB0x78861DF2
#15638watcom10.6.006.7z40 MB0x557A7844
#15639watcom10.6.007.7z40 MB0xA7BF2704
#15640watcom10.6.008.7z40 MB0x780BFD82
#15641watcom10.6.009.7z18.1 MB0xB13D46BE

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On Tuesday September 27, 2016 galazwoj said:

copy /b watcom10.6.001.7z +watcom10.6.002.7z +watcom10.6.003.7z +watcom10.6.004.7z +watcom10.6.005.7z +watcom10.6.006.7z +watcom10.6.007.7z +watcom10.6.008.7z +watcom10.6.009.7z foo.7z
(one single line)
then uncompress foo.7Z with 7z.zip.
The file decompresses fine to an iso image.

On Thursday August 20, 2015 John911 said:

Combine files manually before unpacking. All is OK.

On Friday July 31, 2015 joaluis007 said:

All files are corrupt. 7z can't merge them.

On Monday July 6, 2015 samoht said:

7zip does not open the archive, no part of all 9

On Saturday June 20, 2015 Francis Drake said:

corrupted archive?