Watcom C/386 Compiler v8.5a 8.5a

Category: System
Year: 1991
Description:Shipped with DOS/4GW Windows 3.0 supported (Win386 extender) Unicode support OS/2 hosted executables added
Manufacturer: Watcom Systems Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#22672Watcom C386 v8.5a (Installation Disks).zip4.7 MB0x7C55CB2A

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On Saturday September 25, 2021 nyebodnye said:

Wrote my first Novell NLM using this -
it was a two parter. 1st part was the NLM that listened on a port for a username and whether to toggle admin privileges on or off, the second was an exe file that sent the username and whether to toggle admin on or off. If you you unloaded the NLM the server abended :-) When I eventually got made redundant our IT guy asked me if the NLM was mine. I gave him the 5th. (I'd also obfuscated everything in the NLM so you couldn't see any evidence and made it look legitimate by including the usual (C) Novell things you get in every NLM)