Volkswriter 1.2

Category: Office
Year: 1982
Description:Volkswriter, from Lifetree Software Inc, was an early easy to use word processor for the IBM PC. Development of Volkswriter was inspired by the horridness of EasyWriter, and for a brief time it was possibly the only usable word processor for the IBM PC before an IBM version of WordStar was released.
Manufacturer: Lifetree Software Inc
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21720Volkswriter 1.2 128k (1983) (5.25-160k).7z2.8 MB0x5675A859
#21721Volkswriter 1.2 64k (1982) (5.25-160k).7z782.5 KB0x44D8EC50
#21722Volkswriter 1.2 Manual First Edition (Oct 1982).7z13.1 MB0xBA6F386E
#21723Volkswriter 1.2 Manual Second Edition (Nov 1982).7z19 MB0x237CD84D

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