Volkov Commander 5.01

Category: System
Year: 2000
Description:Russian Norton Commander file manager clone.
Manufacturer: Vsevolod V. Volkov
Localization: RU

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On Sunday July 17, 2022 floogy said:

The original Source of volkov commander is this site: https://vvv.kiev.ua/download/
Though it seems not to be a virus https://www.virustotal.com/gui​/file/a87efe7c8973e6546ed2421a​e2e750dddd5fd0dbd7de89e281b3dc​601e307499/detection
It is a fake, based on a 4.02 version
It comes from a cdrom of 1996 https://piper.old-games.ru/vie​w-2.php?id=22893
Here you can get some explanations of this Fake version: http://old-dos.ru/index.php?pa​ge=files&mode=files&do​=show&id=2226
"Fake Volkov Commander. It's a fake, first of all, because there were no versions after 4.99.08. The files are dated 01/07/1996. The fake was made on the basis of version 4.02, which is confirmed by the line "Volkov Commander, Version 4.02 shareware
Copyright (C) 1991-1999 Vsevolod V. Volkov". Fake is not entirely successful due to the fact that it is easy to calculate"
1. Follow the package file of the Install.bat installation from the current directory.
On the command line, indicate the name of the disk where you install the program,
for example:
Install C:
2. To perform settings, start the vcsetup.exe configuration program from
installation directory.
║ Сборник программ "Офис-96.Том 2" ║
║ Популярная оболочка для ДОС ║
║ Volkov Commander 5.01 ║
║ с русским HELPом ║
║ The Collection of programs "Office 96.Tet 2" ║
║ Popular shell for dos ║
║ Volkov Commander 5.01 ║
║ with Russian Help ║

On Sunday July 17, 2022 floogy said:

Should be a fake, because the last version of volkov commander is 4.99b08


On Saturday April 17, 2010  said:

I'm trying to download this - but I'm told, *in error*, that I've reached my download limit. This is wrong - this is the first time that I've tried to download this file - and I think that your downloading software ***just isn't working*** properly. How about fixing it? Thanks.