Visual Basic for MS-DOS 1.0

Category: System
Year: 1992
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#151VBDOS.ZIP2.7 MB0xE32D03AA

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On Tuesday April 11, 2017 pcheese said:

where can i get dos 1.1

On Saturday April 18, 2015 thomas thompson said:

thanks this is great m8 now I can work on my MS-DOS Based os!!!

On Sunday June 20, 2010  said:

I love the simulated GUIs it produces. LOVE THEM :)
I used to write several BSOD pranks for Win3.11 using VB1, it used to work so well!

On Friday April 3, 2009 fuzzypig said:

Man, I wrote so many useful utils for work with this kit. It was a fantastic piece of software if you were working with loads of batch jobs like I was back in 94/95. Great of quickly knocking forms based apps and utils.

On Thursday February 26, 2009 Hobbes said:

This is Microsoft Visual Basic for MS-DOS Standard Edition Version 1.00.

On Friday February 1, 2008 Tails (guest) said:

This is a compiler for the Visual Basic language that will run in MSDOS. It allows you to develop DOS Form Applications, though the use of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

On Saturday September 22, 2007 Dave The DOS Dude (guest) said:

Visual BASIC for DOS Simulates A GUI By Using ASCII Characters, But Who Cares? It works, and I still use it for DOS programs.

On Wednesday August 15, 2007 Troll Hard (guest) said:

Visual BASIC for DOS was the first release of Visual BASIC. It had forms and controls, but they were text based in graphics mode.
Microsoft had bought out another BASIC language that had an IDE and text menus and graphics and merged it with QuickBASIC to make Visual BASIC.
Later on Microsoft converted Visual BASIC to Windows, and ceased DOS development.