VisiTrend/Plot 1.30

Category: Office
Year: 1983
Description:This archive contains three 160k 5.25" floppy disk images in Copy II PC+Snatchit and Transcopy format. IMPORTANT: This software contains copy protection, however it appears to skip the protection check if it thinks it is being run from a hard drive. No unprotect is included. To run the program, copy the files in the "installed" folder to a location on your hard drive or an emulator hard disk image. To start the program, run VT.COM. If your drive is not "C" then edit the drives in Paths.vtp to match the drive you are running it from. Note: This program requires 100% hardware compatible CGA. Plotting graphs will fail on some VGA systems. Tested in MESS, and real hardware. It seems to freeze on startup in DOSBox 0.72.
Manufacturer: VisiCorp
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13620VisiTrend 1.3.7z1.3 MB0x277E1448
#13621VisiTrend 1.3.Manual PDF.7z31.6 MB0x520F2C90

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On Tuesday April 15, 2014 ibmpc5140 said:

Wow, thanks very much.
I also have Transcopy Optionboard.
Can you send me by Email?