VisiSchedule 1.2

Category: Office
Year: 1984
Description:VisiSchedule is a project task scheduling program for IBM PCs running DOS. This archive contains one 320k (8-sector double sided) floppy disk image in CopyIIPC format. *IMPORTANT* This software contains copy protection, and no unprotect is included or known to exist. To recreate a functional disk, use the included CopyIIPC/Snatchit image to write to a low-density double sided disk. If this disk is not correctly written with the protection, the application will still load but fake a crash at certain points. ImageDisk and TeleDisk can not create a functional copy.
Manufacturer: VisiCorp
Localization: EN

Files to download

#12765VisiSchedule 1.2.7z327.3 KB0x34C8D962
#12766VisiSchedule 1.2.Manual PDF.7z23.9 MB0xE303FB6B

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