Visi On Graph 1.0

Category: Office
Year: 1983
Description:Visi On Graph is a graphing and plotting program for the Visi On graphical operating environment. The application runs as a window in a graphical user interface, draws graphics directly in the live window, and integrates with the other Visi On applications such as Visi On Calc and Visi On Word. This product is not directly related to the DOS based VisiPlot This archive includes Transcopy, ImageDisk, CopyIIPC Snatchit, Teledisk and AnaDisk disk images. Important: This software contains copy protection. Only the Transcopy images will create usable disk images. These also work in the PCE emulator. To write Transcopy images, you must have a Central Point Deluxe Option Board, or other special disk writing hardware compatible with the Transcopy format. Note: Applications manager must be installed first.
Manufacturer: VisiCorp
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13597Visi On Graph.7z1.1 MB0xC9EB190B
#13598Visi On Graph.Manuals.7z28.7 MB0x53175BAF

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On Tuesday April 15, 2014 ibmpc5140 said:

Wow, thanks very much.
I also have Transcopy Optionboard.
Can you send me by Email?
I also have a lot of copy protected program.