Virtual PC 5.1

Category: System
Year: 2002
Description:This is the last Connectix version of Virtual PC. It should run on Windows 95/98/Me NT 4.0 & Windows 2000. *note I had to use info-zip to split this thing up.. so use unzip from the cli.
Manufacturer: Connectix
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#4603VirtualPC-1.zip4.7 MB0xE7929A41
#4604VirtualPC-2.zip4 MB0x6E1CDF34
#4605VirtualPC-3.zip2.3 MB0x1BDBEDD2

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On Wednesday December 23, 2020 ahmad said:

Serial Number is : VPW5-4321-5117-7994-0899

On Wednesday March 4, 2015 xtarvis said:

Wow I didn't know this was later owned my microsoft.

On Monday October 13, 2014 Gzork666 said:

In time:
a) It IS the Version 5.1 (b 370);
b) YES! Works on Win 98SE (v. 4.10.2222 A) and
c) During the installation process, the program accepts both serials... but after rebooting the system, when the Virtual PC is started, it only accepts the serial VPW5-6763-8782-8587-4745.
I'm running the program right now.

On Monday October 13, 2014 Gzork666 said:

Installed properly.
Both serials worked fine to me.
But... unable to execute because it doesn't work inside the MS Virtual PC (2007) environment.

On Friday October 22, 2010 Jagular~ said:

Wrong System Requirements... Doesn't work on win-98 and Win-98SE, Requires ME at least...

On Tuesday April 13, 2010 David English said:

Correct SERIAL; one list didn't work:
The other one didn't work because it's for V4..

On Wednesday August 5, 2009 Data Depo 9 said:

What is the Name associated with this serial number?

On Thursday February 26, 2009 Ahmed Jebara said:

Serial Number is : VPW5-4321-5117-7994-0899

On Wednesday November 12, 2008 David English said:

Serial Required Does not have it anywhere