Via voice 98 --

Category: Office
Year: 1998
Description:English (UK) Version/ Version Fran├žaise/ Deutsche Version/ Versione Italiana/ Version Espa├▒ol (Unzip all zip files in the same folder, then unzip 7z to retrieve the ISO file)
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#17306IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.001.zip50 MB0xB750DA5
#17315IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.002.zip50 MB0xCE3A3818
#17307IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.003.zip50 MB0xA28F7DF8
#17308IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.004.zip50 MB0xDA93DC93
#17309IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.005.zip50 MB0x3B60E58D
#17310IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.006.zip50 MB0x91204A90
#17311IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.007.zip50 MB0x4AEC435B
#17312IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.008.zip50 MB0xB40D0ADB
#17313IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.009.zip50 MB0xB6C5CA10
#17314IBM ViaVoice 98.7z.010.zip5.7 MB0x38204AD7

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On Friday March 13, 2020 Hugo Frachi said:

mil gracias!!

On Monday July 24, 2017 MENAMIGUE said:

justo lo que buscaba gracias