VShield 4.3 V 84 4.3 v84

Category: Utility
Year: 1991
Description:VSHIELD is a memory-resident program that prevents viruses from infecting your computer. VSHIELD does this by checking program files before they are loaded into the computer and executed. VSHIELD can also check for viruses during a copy operation. If a virus is found, or a program does not match its validation check, or a file is not on the /CERTIFY list, then VSHIELD will not allow the file to be executed, preventing the virus from infecting your system. VSHIELD will also check the disk the computer is booting from for boot sector and partition table viruses. In the event that a virus is found, VSHIELD will not allow the system to reboot and will prompt the user to insert a clean, write-protected boot disk and run the VIRUSCAN program to determine the extent of the infection.
Manufacturer: Mcafee
Localization: EN

Files to download

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