VP-Planner 1.00 1.00

Category: Office
Year: 1986
Description:VP Planner is a Lotus 123-type spreadsheet, but featuring 3-D (paged) spreadsheets and other advances over Lotus 123. This was the subject of a lawsuit which Paperback Software eventually won, but which sank the company. IMPORTANT: Version 1.00 is copy-protected and requires the distribution disk to be in a 5.25 inch drive, but a subsequent update removed the copy protection. No unprotect is included. The extracted files in the "files" folder will not run without an original floppy disk in the A: drive. It is also not possible to create functional "raw" sector images for these disks. You must write the included TransCopy or SuperCard Pro images to a floppy, or use the TransCopy images with an emulator such as PCE. (Use the HxC disk tools to convert to Kryoflux format)
Manufacturer: Paperback Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17301VP-Planner 1.00 (5.25).7z3.7 MB0xEFBFD8D8

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