VP Planner version 3D 3d

Category: Office
Year: 1990
Description:This is the last update for VP-Planner before the Lotus Corp litigation kicked in and killed the company. It is essentially the same as VP-Planner Plus, with added 3D worksheet capability. I also have the manuals, including the 3D supplement
Manufacturer: Paperback Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23756VPP3D.zip342.3 KB0x1F565BF7

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On Monday November 6, 2023 Jay R said:

Thank You!
I would definitely be interested in the original diskette images, if you would be so kind as to upload!

On Thursday November 2, 2023 ianb said:

This was issued on 3 5 1/4" diskettes.
I have the originals and can upload the disk images if anyone is interested.
Disk 3 contains sample data for training purposes