Unify 3.1 AT&T 3B2 Unix systems

Category: DBMS
Year: 1984
Description:Unify is a relational database for Unix based systems. There was also a DOS version. This archive contains the version for AT&T 3B2 Unix systems. This archive contains nine 720K 5.25" Quad Density disk images in ImageDisk format. Specifically, this media is DSDD or DSQD 96TPI with 2 sides, 80 Tracks, 9 sectors, 512 byte sectors, with a 1:3 sector interleave. To write these images to floppy, use a good quality "360K" disk in a 1.2mb drive, and instruct ImageDisk to use single stepping.
Manufacturer: UNIFY Corporation
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15524Unify 3.1 for ATT 3B2 (5.25 DSQD).zip1.7 MB0x1C8221A9Fake?

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