Ultima N/A

Category: Games
Year: 1987
Description:Ultima revolves around a quest to find and destroy the Gem of Immortality, which is being used by the evil wizard Mondain to enslave the lands of Sosaria. With the gem in his possession, he cannot be killed, and his minions roam and terrorize the countryside. The player takes on the role of 'The Stranger', an individual summoned from another world to end the rule of Mondain. The game follows the endeavors of the stranger in this task, which involves progressing through many aspects of game play, including dungeon crawling and space travel.
Manufacturer: Origin
Localization: EN

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On Thursday October 10, 2019 Guybrush Threepwood said:

Released for the Apple II in 1981 and DOS in 1987

On Sunday February 25, 2018 Christopher Salem said:

Since the description contains "Gem of Immortality," then I'm going to assume this is Ultima I, released in 1981.
I am unaware if this game was re-released as an updated version.