USB Driver Disk 1.9

Category: Utility
Year: 2010
Description:USB drivers for DOS // 1.44 disk image
Manufacturer: unknown
Localization: EN

Files to download

#16397usb19.zip580.1 KB0x3CE919A9

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On Monday May 25, 2020 DOS_User711 said:

Actually a raw floppy image (= file ending *.img or *.ima)!
Rename to IMG and extract with DiskEplorer or WinImage (on Windows) - or write it to a real floppy disk (with RawWrite).
Some info can be found in the file README.ENG (see DOCS).
Includes the "motto hairu" DOS driver, several DUSE loaders (4.2 + 4.4 + 4.9) and 4 different USBASPI.SYS drivers, plus USBCD.SYS, UMBPCI, JEMM, XMGR, SHCDX33E.COM and the Cute Mouse driver (CTMOUSE). Getting this to play correctly with modern hardware is difficult.
You'll have to find an approach that works with your USB hardware and BIOS.

On Friday February 19, 2016 Roland Nava said: file unzips to a usb19.bin file. Forget about it!