UNIX SYSVr3 Source Code r3

Category: OS
Year: 1986
Description:This is AT&T's UNIX SYSV r2 source code. The base target here is the AT&T made 3B2. Which I might add was the UNIX machine that ran the phone system. If you were into phreaking and hacking you faced this UNIX everywhere. So here is the source code. Maybe one day there will be a 3B2 emulator?
Manufacturer: AT&T
Localization: EN
OS: Unix

Files to download

#15688ATT-SYSVr3.7z4.6 MB0x8D0DCC92

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On Sunday June 23, 2019 Roger Winthorpe said:

SIMH has a 3B2 emulator! And it works!

On Thursday March 24, 2016 kjs3 said:

The AT&T phone system ran on the 3b20 and 3b5 (among others). The 3b2 was the attempt to commercialize the architecture in a desktop form factor. It was the (late) SVR3 and SVR4 reference platform.