UGE - Universal Game Editor 1.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1993
Description:Universal Game Editor is a program designed to edit SAVED GAMES. This shareware release comes with five pre-configured MODULES that can be used to edit four different games. These games are Civilization, Betrayal at Krondor, Master of Orion (2 MODULES) and Lands of Lore. This shareware release is fully functional, and is not crippled in any way. This program will allow you to change many aspects of your games. Military unit strengths and weaknesses may be adjusted in wargames. Character skills and attributes may be changed in role-playing games. In fact, almost any game that allows you to save your game is a candidate for editing. Universal Game Editor requires an IBM-PC or compatible and 640K of RAM. The program may run with less RAM but has only been tested with 640K. (This package also includes the modules for Castle Of The Winds Parts 1 & 2)
Localization: EN

Files to download

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