Tutorial Batch File Utilities. 0

Category: Utility
Year: 1983
Description:batch file utilities .plus dos 2 .I have a copy of dos 2 original so I copied on to a 1.44 floppy so this utility could work .copy the file of .tutorial batch file utilities on to a directory in dos .I made one called batch .highlight this file .copy dos 2 onto a 1 44 floppy .the batch file utility will then ask you to insert the dos 2 then it will start .actually all you really need is one file from dos 2 but just insert the floppy and it will find the file that it needs to start the program when the file is highlighted type runme at the prompt .this was used in an xt but will run in a later computer with at least dos 5
Manufacturer: batch files
Localization: EN

Files to download

#16088dos 2_.7z61 KB0x5E622509
#16087tutorial batch file utilities.7z32.4 KB0xD346B09C

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