Turrican II

Category: Games
Year: 1995
Description:Turrican II, DOS Version. == Instructions == 1 - Extra it where you want it 2 - Edit turrican.bat, change the folder patch to where you unpacked it 3 - run the game using turrican.bat (it's also where you configure it) 4 - On first time, configure Input 5 - On first time, configure Video (Note to LCD users :: leave 60Hz default and also don't move the screen to center it in the second phase and instead just press [Enter] even if it's a little off, If you move it to center it there, then it will be totally broken in the game.) 6 - On first time, configure sound Note : If on the configuration screen you have nothing but blue and the word "joystick", then you did not edit the turrican.bat file properly.
Manufacturer: Funsoft GmbH
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23428TURRICAN.7z1.7 MB0x700F0156

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On Thursday April 20, 2023 fasdf eroiu said:

Also forgot, Even if you edit the .bat file properly, it is likely to not work if it's not on the C drive (According to some reports, did not test that specific myself).

On Thursday April 20, 2023 fasdf eroiu said:

I forgot to mention : This game is allergic to EMM386/386Max/QEMM, etc, etc