Turok (Source Code) 49

Category: Games
Year: 1997
Description:This is the source dump of the Turok Dinosaur Hunter source code. This includes the N64 code in the 'tengine' directory. Version.h describes this as version 49. Credit to Ozidual on the N64brew discord for figuring out the encrypted archive's password. Without him, this source code might never have seen the light of day.
Manufacturer: Iguana Entertainment
Localization: EN
OS: Unix

Files to download

#20006n64dev.zip75.7 MB0x3CCC7B95
#20007n64sdk.7z79.9 MB0x705236D0
#20010turokfinal_cracked.7z100 MB0x626350B3Fake?
#20008turokfinal_cracked.z00100 MB0x60D8AD7BFake?
#20009turokfinal_cracked.z0142.4 MB0x275A4342Fake?
#20011winnt3.5_i386-mips_elf-gcc- MB0x80F91A2DFake?

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On Monday September 10, 2018 kaƂpasta said:

7z files with code need to be joined using Unix cat or Windows copy /b. Looks authentic. Contains patched gnu dev tools, additionally in set there are archives with N64 cross-build toolchain.