Turbo Pascal version 3.02 Version 3.02

Category: Other
Year: 1986
Description:Turbo Pascal version 3.02 Minimum system configuration: 128K RAM minimum. Includes 8087 & BCD features for 16-bit MS-DOS 2.0 or later and CP/M-86 1.1 or later. CP/M-80 version 2.2 or later 48K RAM minimum (8087 and BCD features not available). 8087 version requires 8087 or 80287 co-processor.
Manufacturer: Borland Software
Localization: EN

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On Sunday July 12, 2009 Mike Mellor said:

I really wanted this for the source code BRIDGE.PAS, not present with this download.

On Wednesday February 4, 2009  said:

Ship date: 17-September-1986