Turbo Pascal 7.0 Language guide 7.0

Category: System
Year: 1992
Description:This book is split into four parts: language grammar, the run-time library, advanced programming issues, and using assembly language with Turbo Pascal. Part I, "The Turbo Pascal language," defines the Turbo Pascal language. First you're introduced to the overall structure of a Turbo Pascal program; then you examine each element of a program in detail. Part II, "The run-time library," contains information about using all the standard units: the System, Dos, WinDos, Strings, Crt, Overlay, and Graph units. Part III, "Inside Turbo Pascal," presents technical information for advanced users about • How Turbo Pascal uses memory • How Turbo Pascal implements program control • Using the 80x87 • Optimizing your code Part IV, "Using Turbo Pascal with assembly language," explains how to use the built-in assembler and how to link your Turbo Pascal programs with code written in Turbo Assembler.
Manufacturer: Borland
Localization: EN

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