Turbo Pascal 3.01A Source Code 3.01A

Category: System
Year: 1985
Description:type "as main" to enter the assembler. press ^KO to assemble the file, it will ask the output filename (main.com). then press ^KQ to exit the assembler. compared to the official version, only 3 bytes are different (2-byte jump instead of 3-byte jump).
Manufacturer: Borland International Inc
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Sunday September 13, 2020 Peter Grootswagers said:

you can get the compiler to generate a .com
file by setting a compiler option:
to memory
to com-file

On Saturday January 4, 2014 xxjh said:

It can build executable file. But the program cannot compile a pascal source to command file, why?