Turbo C 2.0 Reference Guide

Category: System
Year: 1988
Description:This is the second volume of documentation in the Turbo C package. This volume, the Turbo C Reference Guide, contains definitions of all the Turbo C library routines, common variables, and common defined types, along with example program code to illustrate how to use many of these routines, variables, and types. If you are new to C programming, you should first read the other book in your Turbo C package-the Turbo C User's Guide. In that book you'll find instructions on how to install Turbo C on your system, an overview of Turbo C's window and menu system, and tutorial-style chapters designed to get you started programming in Turbo C. The user's guide also summarizes Turbo C's implementation of the C language and discusses some advanced programming techniques. For those of you who are Turbo Pascal and Turbo Prolog programmers, the user's guide provides information to help you integrate your understanding of those languages with your new knowledge of C. You should refer to the UIntroduction" in the User's Guide for information on the Turbo C implementation, a summary of the contents of Volume I, and a short bibliography.
Manufacturer: Borland Inc.
Localization: EN

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