Turbo Basic 1.1

Category: System
Year: 1987
Description:BASIC Language compiler with IDE.
Manufacturer: Borland International, Inc.
Localization: EN

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On Sunday January 18, 2015 ouhker said:

At the age of DOS,
The ETen(倚天)Chinese (Taiwan) changes the BIOS interrupt (i.e. int 10h),
inorde to display (Traditional) Chinese and "draw graph" on screen.
However, Turbo Basic accesses the video RAM directly instead of calling the BIOS,
so none of the ET Chinese command works
(e.g. print (chr$(27);"~T24;" to "display" big size font on screen and
print chr$(27);"~t16" to revert to normal size font),
TURBO BASIC was never popular in TAIWAN at that time.
Same for QBASIC
For clipper5, gt.obj (which is slower) has to be linked.
After loading the ET Chinese system (TSR),
the ETbasic.exe (of ET(倚天)) test if there is basic ROM,
(exist in XTs and ATs)
if yes, then load "basica.com".
if no, ETbasic.exe then test if there is BASIC.ROM file
(created with debug from those with real BASIC ROM),
if yes, ETbasic.exe then load BASIC.ROM file,
and (load and) run "basica.com"
As some of the "fucntion call" of ET cannot be done by GWBASIC.EXE (BASICA 3.3 AND BASICA3.4),
I query GWBASIC (and BASICA 3.3 AND BASICA 3.4) is really the same as old version BASICA.