TheDraw 5.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1991
Description:TheDraw is a powerful screen image generator/editor for color and monochrome video users. What does that mean? Literally, TheDraw makes designing and figuring out a video screen display child's play.
Manufacturer: TheSoft Programming Services
Localization: EN

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On Friday July 29, 2022 grymm jack said:

See below:​ansi/information/ansidraw.txt
From the RadMan[ACiD] interview with the developer:
RM: As you know, alot of people have hacked and modified The Draw
(such as the version numbers.) Have you taken any measures to prevent
or discourage the pseudo-hackers from altering your software?

ID: Yes, there are now schemes in all the title and help screens,
and certain key areas are encrypted, any key to the version number.
So, if you manage to find where the version number is, which has
also been changed and encrypted, you will find yourself in a very
difficult situation of having to revise many many other areas of the
program. There is no real way to prevent "hacking", it is just how
inconvenient you want to make it for someone to do the hacking. I
think someone will find it a distinct challenge to redo The Draw now.

RM: Is that with The Draw version 4.5 that you implemented these
methods to protect your software from being modified?

ID: Yes, that is with The Draw 4.5, right. If I still have problems
though, I'll change the encryption scheme. I may end up changing
the encryption scheme for every version. So someone will have to
sit down and rethink everything they've done every single time.
That's very easy for me to do, because all I have to do is create
a program to do the encryption.

On Friday July 29, 2022 grymm jack said:

v5.0 is not real. v4.63 is the last known release.