The Oregon Trail 5th Edition 5th Edition

Category: Games
Year: 2000
Description:Experience the life of a pioneer during the Westward Movement while traveling along the famous Oregon Trail. As the Leader of your very own wagon party, you will hunt for food, tend to sicknesses, cross treacherous rivers, and more throughout your 2,000 mile journey. More information about this file here:
Manufacturer: The Learning Company
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#11742The Oregon Trail 5th.part01.rar50 MB0xAD2A5C01
#11743The Oregon Trail 5th.part02.rar50 MB0x29B45B90
#11744The Oregon Trail 5th.part03.rar50 MB0x4675658D
#11745The Oregon Trail 5th.part04.rar50 MB0xE822DF7C
#11746The Oregon Trail 5th.part05.rar50 MB0xBE3B094F
#11747The Oregon Trail 5th.part06.rar50 MB0x296D2175
#11748The Oregon Trail 5th.part07.rar50 MB0x77274684
#11749The Oregon Trail 5th.part08.rar50 MB0x43EDE781
#11750The Oregon Trail 5th.part09.rar50 MB0xE8229523
#11751The Oregon Trail 5th.part10.rar50 MB0xB3BA4614
#11752The Oregon Trail 5th.part11.rar40.1 MB0x2F09FFCE

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On Tuesday November 4, 2014 Kakali said:

The game works on Windows 7, but I had to edit the "OREGON5.INI" file in the install directory and change the "rsrcpath" entry to the actual install directory.

On Wednesday November 21, 2012 al tracker said:

This download is an ISO image of the installation CD. The burned CD contains mainly one huge OT5Installer.exe file that installs the whole game to your HDD. There is no option to play from the CD as stated in the User's Guide, which is included as a PDF file in the installation directory. The game installs fine on WinXP with music and sound.