The Manhole (Sega Tera Drive Version)

Category: Games
Year: 1990
Description:This is a copy of Cyan's The Manhole for the Sega Tera Drive. This is the second game known to exist for this platform (the other being Puzzle Construction, which was thought to be the only game for this platform before I found this). I recovered this from a hard drive in a Tera Drive I purchased - the original installation media seems to be lost forever. This version of the game seems to be a port of the FM Towns version, and only uses the Mega Drive capabilities of the Tera Drive to play FM music (unlike Puzzle Construction, whose "play" mode runs a game on the Mega Drive side).
Manufacturer: Cyan, Inc.
Localization: JA

Files to download

#23994The Manhole [Sega Tera Drive Version].7z2.6 MB0xF06176DA

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