The Major BBS 6.25

Category: Communication
Year: 1994
Description:This is a version of the infamous "mbbs4ever" package, setup inside of Qemu. This way it will work on 64bit Windows machines (or probably anything else that will run Qemu). By default you can telnet to port 4423 and you can enter the BBS directly. You can change the batch file to have the BBS listen to any port you want, just remember for port 23 (the default telnet port) you will need to run this as administrator. Because this is MBBS4EVER, you get an incredible selection of doors, lord, and tradwars of cours, along with majormud, of course. To extract you'll need to do something like this: "copy /b bbs001.7z+bbs002.7z+bbs003.7z+bbs004.7z bbs.7z" then "7zip x bbs.7z". Sorry
Manufacturer: Galacticomm
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14002bbs001.7z8 MB0x5DDEA355
#14003bbs002.7z8 MB0x38CF16EC
#14004bbs003.7z8 MB0x1D8209CF
#14005bbs004.7z2.1 MB0x42D133C9
#14006Full_MajorBBS_v6.25-256_w_MajorTCP_install_preconfigured_with_41.torrent.7z40.2 KB0x845E2814

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