The Laffer Utilities 1.00

Category: Utility
Year: 1991
Description:The Laffer Utilities Version 1.00 DOS 1991 From Sierra On-Line Winimage Disk Archives. Four-1.2mb or 1.44mb floppies or extract to your favorite drive/directory. A variety of office utilities that you will find indispensible? Larry Laffer does Peter Norton? And you thought he was just a party animule. This is version 1.0 (was there another version?) The outside of the box says version 4.01, now I wonder what they could have been thinking? Everything should be self explanatory if you are at all familiar with the old command line. Included is the first page of the manual in PDF format. It will give you an idea of what each of these *utilities* do.
Manufacturer: Sierra On-line
Localization: EN

Files to download

#11801LafferV1.zip8.6 MB0x3BFD015E

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