Terminate 5.0

Category: Communication
Year: 1997
Description:TERMINATE 5. The Final Datacomms Terminal! Extremely Powerful Terminal Program w. many Features: BBS system with Fidonet-Mailer/Events/IEMSI, Fax System, VT100, VT220, ANSI, Avatar, Cost Calculation, File Manager, Full Fidonet Mailsystem for Points/Nodes, Scripts, CAPI 1.1, ISDN B-Channel Bundling, Doorway NOW! X2 and 56k Flex supported, Internal ISDN CAPI 1.1 support, BBSnext support, Doorway Mode incl. printer redirection and has Doorway.exe included. Complete BBS system. Mailer supports up to 100 AKA's. Powerful compiled scripts. IEMSI auto logons & mini-scripts, Keyb Editor, Translation Tables, CD Player, Professional Mail Reader "TERMAIL" now with internal message editor, Gecho technology for message bases (and QWK), Style colors, AutoCorrect, MegaSearch, Signature Manager, Extremely advanced Quote Reformatting, ROT13, AddressBook, Groups, Templates, AreaFix Manager, Calls Netscape / Internet Explorer to view www-pages found in messages. Tracks messages, Carbon Copy Groups, Crossposting, UUencoding, Nodelist compiler, diff-updater, Forms, Support external spellcheckers, Request files.
Manufacturer: SerWiz Comm
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20119Terminate500.zip1.4 MB0x7EB058BD

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