Terep 2 2

Category: Games
Year: 1997
Description:an extremely small, fast on weak pcs, and good graphics game made by a hungarian high school student and released freeware. off-road car driving in 3D -- no objective, open world, realistic damage -- in this "2", u have local-seat 4-multi player (diff butts on keyb, optionally split-screen as well), and selectable maps
Manufacturer: Nagymáthé Dénes
Localization: HU

Files to download

#14138TEREP_2.7z1.2 MB0x9F0D21F0

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On Tuesday July 22, 2014 aaa3 said:

hi, tested it now for you in *dosbox* and *works* from both of the two *subdirs*: TEREP2 and TEREP2_2. there is also a windows launcher in the root dir i cant test atm (wine vdm stuff); and indeed the lone TEREP2.EXE there is not the one to launch it seems... -- the uploader.

On Sunday July 20, 2014 Nivelz73 said:

not working!