Telix Communications 3.22

Category: Communication
Year: 1994
Description:Fast, powerful, and easy to use. 12 file transfer protocols, 200 + modem setups, terminal emulation, dialing directory, 2 powerful script languages, scroll-back and BBS HOST mode, keyboard macros, new development team, many more new features. Maintenance release updating ver. 3.21.
Manufacturer: deltaComm Development
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3319TLX322.ACE531.8 KB0x7B5458F4Fake?

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On Tuesday June 30, 2015 Golan Klinger said:

I'm at a loss as to how anyone can determine that this software works or doesn't work as the Ace compressed file requires a password which isn't given.

On Friday March 28, 2014 Uniblab9000 said:

WinRAR will extract this just fine.

On Tuesday January 15, 2013 Matheus de Paula Medeiros said:

Not Fake, worked as expected.

On Tuesday March 13, 2012 PaulrCulmo said:

Fake, no executable files. I was able to open the .ACE file with 7-zip but it extracts and there's no executable TELIX.EXE - bad download