Telemate 4.12

Category: Communication
Year: 1993
Description:TELEMATE is a multi-threading communication program. Featuring ANSI/Avatar/VT52/VT102 terminal, editor, viewer, huge backscroll, clipboard and many unique functions. Built-in mouse support provides easy access to all functions. This high quality comm program gives you OS/2-like power in a DOS program.
Manufacturer: White River Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#12172Tm412-1.zip186.1 KB0x12751A57
#12173Tm412-2.zip194.6 KB0xA00CE03F
#12174Tm412-3.zip193.7 KB0xC7F33D54
#12175Tm412-4.zip245.8 KB0xAF20B749

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