THE LAST BYTE memory manager 2.52

Category: Utility
Year: 1994
Description:advanced memory manager for 8088 and above. Collection of software that can provide up to 384k of additional memory to your computer in the upper memory area between 640k and 1 meg. It does this by using shadow ram memory, existing fixed read/write (RAM) memory, or by mapping expanded memory (EMS) pages into the upper area. With The Last Byte Memory Manager, device drivers, terminate and stay resident (TSR) programs, and more can be moved up into upper memory, leaving more conventional memory available for your application programs. Depending on your hardware, you may also be able to extend the total conventional memory from 640k to as much as 736k.
Manufacturer: Key Software Products
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15903The Last Byte v2.52_advanced_tools.rar203.5 KB0x9321AF3E
#15902TLB_252.rar259.5 KB0x97A436EA

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On Sunday August 30, 2015 dieymir said:

Use the following on your DEVICE line to remove the nag screen