TASMx 3.1 (Telemark Assembler) Supports macros! 3.1

Category: Utility
Year: 1998
Description:A assembler for DOS. Compiles assembler source code to Intel hex format (or MOSTech, Motorola, BIN, IntelWord) to several CPUs (i8048, i8096, Motorola 6800, MOS 6502, 6805, TMS32025, TMS32010, TMS7000, i8080/8085, Z80). Supports macros as #include [asm source], or #define [token], very useful when asm directives are written as defw and you want the compiler to read that as .byte. Example: #define defb .byte. Also, in the folders HEX and SOURCE there is some source code and compiled .hex files of CP/M 2.2 that i tried to compile. Consider that as a gift.
Manufacturer: Telemark (Not sure)
Localization: ES

Files to download

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On Thursday July 4, 2019 Angel said:

Oh wait, I did a mistake! It runs in Win32, not DOS, Sorry