System Speed Test v4.70 4.70

Category: Utility
Year: ????
Description:Test allows you to detect following parameters: - Type of the processor. - Clock rate of processor. - Clock rate of processor via Time Stamp Counter. - Some information of processor stepping. - Size and speed index of memory. - Type, manufacturer, part number,some features of DIMM/RIMM memory modules. - Display adapter, size of video memory, video memory speeds index. - Sizes and speed of data caches. - Mainboard model. - BIOS vendor and BIOS date. - RTC-BIOS Year2000 bug. - Processor benchmarks. - Build a graph and define seek and access time of hard disk. - Build a graph and define an average transfer speed of hard disk. - Relative speed of hard disk. - Testing of extended memory on errors and malfunction. - Build a graph and define functioning of system a caching and memories. - Test a quality of surface CD disk. - Build a graph and define an average read speed of CD disk. - Build a graph and define average time access of CD drive. - Relative speed CD drive. - PCI/AGP device information. - ISA PnP device detection. - Save image of screen with testing parameters in PCX file 640*480*16.
Manufacturer: Vladimir Afanasiev
Localization: EN

Files to download

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