System Commander 8.2 Update 8.2

Category: Utility
Year: 2006
Description:The premier boot management system, SC supports multi-booting nearly every x86 OS (Linux, DOS, Windows, OS/2, etc.), and uniquely supports installing multiple DOSes into a single partition. The 8.2 update adds support for Windows Vista.
Manufacturer: VCOM Systems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#12379SC82upd.zip9.2 MB0x56FDDF70Fake?

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On Friday April 12, 2019 Dreamcast said:

No included serial number - I'm looking all over for one to update the comment section. Whoever uploaded it could please include that. I checked all the included .TXT files in the ZIP for serials, but nothing listed.

On Saturday January 12, 2019 HÃ¥kan Kristiansson said:

Issues with the screen in my case. It appears it can't handle the graphics very well on my IBM M52. As soon I try something from the top menu the screen becomes just dot's, colors and stripes. I will check out the later version I saw was available here somewhere as it looks like a promising program.

On Monday March 18, 2013 CJECulver said:

To install the 8.2 update:
1. Extract all files and copy them to wherever you'd like on your system (recommend C:\SC).
2. Copy SYSCMNDR.* and SCOSW_?.SYS to C:\
3. From within your System Commander directory (e.g., C:\SC) run SCIN.EXE. Choose the "Enable System Commander" option.
You're done. Reboot, and allow SC to configure itself.