Suspect Release 14

Category: Games
Year: 1984
Description:YOU'RE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT You have walked into a hotbed of deceit and trickery. And now they're accusing you of something you couldn't have done. But they have proof that you did it. "You're a killer," they say.And until you can prove them wrong, you're guilty as charged - murder. Among society's upper crust, murder is the kind of nastiness that must be cleaned up quickly. So isn't it convenient that you, a struggling journalist looking for a good time and a good story, end up the scapegoat? The evidence is stacked against you, and you're being forced to prove your own innocence. And someone else's guilt. But, no one wants to help you. You're an outsider. And only an outsider could be so rude as to accept an invitation to the social event of the season. Then spoil it all.
Manufacturer: Infocom
Localization: EN

Files to download

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