StarOffice for DOS 2.0

Category: Office
Year: 1994
Description:Office package with Textprocessing. Spreadsheet and Database. incl. fonts and templates and DOS-GUI.
Manufacturer: Star Division
Localization: DE

Files to download

#6600Star-D.part01.rar6.2 MB0xF01651E6
#6601Star-D.part02.rar6.2 MB0xA63186A4
#6602Star-D.part03.rar6.2 MB0xB739771D
#6603Star-D.part04.rar6.2 MB0x471277B0
#6604Star-D.part05.rar6.2 MB0x9E683660
#6605Star-D.part06.rar6.2 MB0x79B54C92
#6606Star-D.part07.rar6.2 MB0x737EBC1
#6607Star-D.part08.rar1.7 MB0xEDEAD688

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On Friday May 16, 2014 Yoswin said:

Confirm that this is not Star Office for DOS. I's for Windows 3.1.

On Saturday January 14, 2012 Dennis Wesbach said:

This is not Star Office for DOS, this is the StarDivision Business Pack for Windows.

On Saturday December 18, 2010  said:

sorry that i reporter Spam. i clicked on the button without purpose. my mistake sorry. there stood that this programm is not for dos, it's for windows 3.1.

On Thursday April 29, 2010 yksoft1 said:

The ancestor of

On Monday October 26, 2009 blobfish said:

It's NOT for DOS, but for Windows from 3.1