Spellbound 1.1

Category: Games
Year: 1991
Description:The Master of Mischief is at it again. This time he has devised a great spelling bee in which he will submit robots to win the spelling bee for him! When you first log in, you will be asked to chose a category of words (Holiday, homophones, etc.). You are then brought to a screen with three options: Crisscross, Flash Cards, and Word Search. Crisscross is a sort of crossword puzzle, but instead of clues you just need to figure out where the words go. Flash cards are flash cards… You hear or see a word and then spell it out. Word finder is a grid filled with letters wherein several words are hidden. Once you finish the above you can enter a spelling bee where you face the Master of Mischief and/or his robots. Winning opens up new levels of competition such as Regional or International. from: "https://archive.org/details/spell_202209"
Manufacturer: The Learning Company
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23410Spell.zip2.2 MB0x62E0D680

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