Spear of Bullshit 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1992
Description:This is an old hackup of the shareware Spear of Destiny Demo I made a long time ago that for some reason I named "Spear of Bullshit". I used my NMAP map editor to make this as well as several home-made programs (that were never finished) to insert new graphics. If you have played through my Marswar Doom levels some of these levels may seem vaugly familiar. I used a number of these SOB levels as a basis for some of the Doom levels. Fun things to watch for in Spear of BS: Pepsi Machines! A hand full of other new wall texturers. A new treasure item. "New" music. (Mostly ripped from Comander Keen) New boss guys: Space Ball Hitler, an evil walking Macintosh, and BJ himself! Command line parameter to enable cheats: DEBUGMODE Key combination to activate cheats: LEFTSHIFT-ALT-BACKSPACE Invincibility mode: TAB-G Extra items: TAB-I Keys and items: M-L-I Walk through walls: TAB-N Please ignore the anti-Apple crap being spewed by the evil walking Mac / Banana Jr.. This was made back before anybody had to use Windoze.
Manufacturer: Nathan C Lineback
Localization: EN

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