Sound Forge 4.0c 4.0c

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1997
Description:Sound Forge is a digital audio editing program which is aimed at the professional and semi-professional markets. This version is fully functional. It was tested on a system with the following configuration: Pentium II 300, 128MB Ram, Sound blaster 32 PnP; Windows 98 SE.
Manufacturer: Sonic Foundry
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#21858Soundforge 4.0.zip6.3 MB0xB19980DD

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On Thursday March 9, 2023 shirus29 said:

just getting this since most of the early sound files from 2001-02 repoort it was made in this software, as always great website and thank you =D

On Wednesday March 8, 2023 Miza[R] said:

Superb! I have been a "hoarder" for audio applications since.... well -- the early 90s. An one of my first encounters with any good audio-editor was SonySF v4. 0 (despide wavelab and cool-edit) and I have been "stuck" with it ever since. Over the years I have lost some goodies and "DiV's" so the really old applications are long gone, mostly.
Now, why am I telling this (?) because I got myself an 86Box emulator (and an older PII computer with Win98SE -- running like a charm) that actually run OS's as they should be running (ditch VMware and VirtulaBox) so I decided to set up an "old school" DAW with the proper setup and no SW-ports, but with the really good stuff. So here I am, finding this beautiful website with the best SW collection there is -- I'm sold folks.
- Installing SF4.0c on my 86Box = done deal
- Installing SF4.0c on my old computer running W98SE = done deal
... It all works like a charm!!!