Sound Blaster 16 Drivers, applications, text-to-speech and acces ZC/38/94, APL/39-94

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1994
Description:These are perfect images of original Soundblaster 16 floppy disks. I've written them to disk images using GNU ddrescue, which completed with no errors for all four images. I've searched the site for these files, but they don't seem to be available. I found a later set for Windows 3.1 dated 1997. The sha1sums of the four floppies are as follows: $ sha1sum SOUND_BLASTER_*.img 125c3c6bcd85d9fc1765a2737b8b9073c1baef8f SOUND_BLASTER_16_ACCESSORIES_DISK_1994_4_OF_4.img b5d0a1ffbc7da631bbc5bfe0a5f564931e408aa6 SOUND_BLASTER_16_APPLICATIONS_DISK_1994_3_OF_4.img 54bd30113860ef7c860ca24422324aaa719a841f SOUND_BLASTER_16_INSTALLATION_DISK_1994_1_OF_4.img b14333c6174d596152203375efcb8e31304eeaa3 SOUND_BLASTER_16_TEXT_TO_SPEECH_1994_2_OF_4.img I've spent the last few weeks transferring my digital archive of twenty-year old software to my NAS. I've discovered other gems along the way, like Paint Shop Pro (version 3, I think), Polyray the ray tracer (I had hours of fun with that) and other goodies I haven't yet explored. I'd love to share this stuff with you if you don't already have it. I'm a huge fan of open culture so I'm delighted to see abandonware sites like this continuing to survive and record our shared digital history.
Manufacturer: Creative Technology Ltd
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15821SOUND_BLASTER_16_1994.tgz4.1 MB0xBBFC5F85

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On Wednesday July 29, 2015 sattat said:

Thx for the SB files! would like to see POLYRAY.... also try Persistence of Vision Raytracer or Ray Dream Designer (both are here) ...DOS forever!