Solidworks 2000 2000

Category: Other
Year: 1998
Description:SolidWorks 2000 Installation Instructions --- 1) Run the SolidWorks Installation by double-clicking the setup.exe file in the directory you extracted the files. 2) Follow the steps to install SolidWorks, after completion please note the following: - If you installed PhotoWorks: - if you performed a "New installation" in step 1) copy the "data\lworks" folder from your SolidWorks 99 folder to your new SolidWorks 2000 folder. - download the pw[lang].zip file (where [lang] is your OS language) and unzip it into the SAME folder where you have just installed SolidWorks 2000. Serials included.
Manufacturer: Dassault Systems
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#23562solidworks2000.rar63 MB0xE2BB1CFE

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On Tuesday June 6, 2023 Gilberto said:

I installed it on windows xp (with windows 98 compatibility) and it works.
Where can i find the italian language pack for download?
Thank you.