Sidekick 2.0

Category: Office
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Borland Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3733[DOS_Application]_Borland_-_Sidekick_2.00_-_Installation_Disks.zip1.5 MB0x1BC160B8Fake?

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On Sunday April 14, 2019 badmaarag said:​/sidekick/2x

On Tuesday October 14, 2014 DennisM said:

I to am having the same issue as ericafogal... I am unable to get the 'Installation' portion completed

On Thursday April 5, 2012 ericafogal said:

what the HHHH i can't download any files - whats up

On Sunday July 5, 2009 DHoyt Nelson said:

I made a brief attempt at an install, no luck. The install script is looking for the "Installation" floppy disk. I don't know how to simulate that.

On Friday November 3, 2006 Quest (guest) said:

SideKick - includes related article about product reviews - Software Review - evaluation
Home Office Computing, Sept, 1991 by Jack Nimersheim
Full Features in Memory-Resident SideKick
SideKick 2.0 Rating: * * *
AT A GLANCE: Completely revised and updated version of PC classic, with new emphasis on time and task management. Tightly integrated modules for text editing, appointment scheduling, address book and phone dialer, data communication and familiar SideKick on-screen calculators.
DOCUMENTATION: Well-organized and clearly written getting-started booklet and 200-plus page user's guide. On-screen help messages explain most program functions in concise, everyday language.
ERROR HANDLING: Encountered no problems on a number of systems.
EASE OF USE: Consistent command structure across all modules makes this easiest SideKick of all.
SUPPORT: Thirty-day money-back guarantee and unlimited (but not toll-free) technical support. Knowledgeable and helpful. VERSION REVIEWED: 2.0 LIST PRICE: $100 STREET PRICE RANGE: $80-$95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 512K IBM compatible; hard-disk drive; monochrome, CGA, EGA, VGA, Hercules; DOS 2.0 or higher; 5.25- or 3.5-inch PUBLISHER: Borland Int'l, 1800 Green Hills Rd., P.O. Box 660001, Scotts Valley, CA 95067; (408) 438-5300 Few programs can claim they single-handedly popularized a major software category. Borland International's SideKick can.
The original SideKick included several utilities that allowed users to sidestep MS-DOS's inability to multitask - that is, run more than one program concurrently. Once loaded into RAM, Slidekick's modules (file manager, text editor, on-screen calculator, date book, phone directory, and the like) became instantly available, at the touch of a hot key, even as you worked within other applications. Immediately successful, Side-Kick introduced an entire generation of PC users to TSR, or terminate-and-stay-resident, software.