Sidekick 1.56B

Category: Office
Year: 1986
Manufacturer: Borland Software
Localization: EN

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On Wednesday November 26, 2008 Tai Man said:

Thank you for providing the software. If users can upload their free abandonware software (especial the old software), more people can have a copy of the software and help to perserve these software.

On Sunday January 6, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Sidekick was primarily a personal info manager--calendar, scheduling, address/phone numbers, etc. I used it until I installed WinXP; I could never get Sidekick to run under WinXP, but some people are still running it.
At one time I think Starfish was distributing SK but I don't recall if that was before or after Borland.

On Tuesday September 26, 2006 guest (guest) said:

DOS desktop organization software: word processor, addresses, misc utilities