SideKick 1.56A

Category: Office
Year: 1985
Description:SideKick version 1.56A IBM-PC/XT/AT/PCjr AST Research Version 1.56A
Manufacturer: Borland Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5303SideKick156A.zip70.1 KB0xE5515AE1Fake?

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On Tuesday May 31, 2016 David Mather said:

Doesn't run in DOSBox - says "Sorry, unknown PCDOS version. Please report to BORLAND.

On Thursday February 27, 2014 hdchuinfo said:

Doesn´t work in DosBox?

On Monday November 23, 2009  said:

Bravo, you have the most fantastic site for the oldies, like myself.
Thank you